About Game & Read

What is Game & Read?
Game & Read is about the intersection of books and interactive media. We started this blog in 2015 in an effort to combine our two passions: reading and playing.

How Game & Read Works
Each month, we pair a book and a video game together. We both read and play the pairing, and discuss themes, characters, settings, and how the two experiences fit together.

As we play and read our pairings, we share our thoughts and experience on the weekly Game & Read Podcast. Each week we talk about a different aspect of the pairing: week one is all about introducing the book and the game, weeks two and three are updates and general conversation, and week four is our spoiler-heavy conclusion. We want The Game & Read Podcast to be like an audio book club, and we invite you to follow along and join the discussion!

Friday Reads
We also post weekly Friday Reads videos. Erin talks about what she’s reading and shares short reviews of the previous week’s pick. You can find all our Friday Reads (and other videos we’ve filmed) on Youtube.

Social Media
Come talk to us! We are on Twitter @GameandRead, Instagram @GameandRead, and Facebook. Follow us, like us, let us know what you are reading and playing.

Who are Game & Read?
erin tex mexErin is the Read half of the blog. She’s been a reader from a very early age and makes it through 95-100 books each year (though she didn’t really realize this wasn’t normal until college). Her favorite authors include Tana French, Stephen King, and Helen Oyeyemi, and her top genres are thriller, magic realism, and historical fiction. You can find Erin on Twitter @EMurch and on Instagram @erinmurchison.

peter whiskey.jpgPeter is the Game & half of the blog. He has loved video games since receiving a Gameboy Pocket in 1997. Peter thinks having favorites is dumb, but so is being a dick. Peter favorite games are Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Shovel Knight,  and anything Tony Hawk has shilled for. In recent years, Peter has grown to love any game that takes his mind off of other games.  Find Peter on Twitter @NerdintheWorld and on Instagram @NerdintheWorld.


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