Nintendo Switch Indies Showcase: Info & Thoughts

We are 3 days until the Switch is out in the wild. We are excited and will have much to say about it as we play this weekend. Nintendo has not stopped giving updates on games and today released a showcase video of upcoming indie titles for the Nintendo Switch.

Check out the video here:

SteamWorld Dig 2- Summer: I am pretty happy about this. SteamWorld Dig was great and I am happy to see the franchise continue. If you’re unfamiliar with the SteamWorld games, I recommend checking them out.

Yooka Laylee- Unspecified 2017: I kickstarted this back in 2015 and I am looking forward to playing it soon. While I selected the PS4 version (it comes out sooner), I am happy to see this game coming to the Switch.

Overcooked Special Edition- Unspecified 2017: Overcooked is a wonderful game to play with some friends. Erin and I have played a lot of it on the PS4 and definitely recommend to those who want to yell at their friends, in a fun way. The special edition will come with all of the DLC from the previous releases. This seems like a good fit for the singular Joy-Con controller due to the simple control scheme.

The Escapists 2- Unspecified 2017: I have yet to play The Escapists, but it looks cute. Beat the prison industrial complex together!

Gonner- Unspecified 2017: The aesthetic is very striking. I am curious to see how it plays and whether or not you kill your friend whale. I will probably skip this one.

Dandara- Summer : This game really caught my eye. This Metroid-esque game looks really promising in both its style and mechanics. The Dandara sprite has a style that I would like to call Ninja Dancer and it piqued my interest. Additionally, the wall and ceiling running could provide for some fun and original level design.

Kingdom Two Crowns- Unspecified 2017: I haven’t heard of this one before, but I am instinctively drawn to 2 player co-op games, probs because I love Erin.

Runner 3- Unspecified 2017: This will be Exclusive to Switch (at least it seems that way). I didn’t expect that, but I am glad Nintendo is working to lock down some smaller games as exclusives. Erin and I played Runner 1 recently, so I am interested in seeing this in a few months (hopefully).

Blaster Master 0- March 9th: I never played Blaster Master for the NES, I feel like I hear about it a lot. I don’t have any strong feelings about this, but I am curious to see what fans of the original will think.

Flipping Death- Unspecified 2017: This game looks interesting. I would call it Half Psychonauts Half Grim Fandango, both of which are great games by DoubleFine. I imagine that is a hard comparison to live up to, but I think this looks fun if the humor is good.

Mr. Shifty- April: This concept intrigued me. Gotta check out more, but this looks promising.

Shakedown Hawaii- April: I have yet to play more than five minutes of Retro City Rampage, so It seems unlikely that I’ll get to this pseudo-sequel, but who doesn’t love top down hyper violence?

Pocket Rumble- March: Will this be a fighting game that I enjoy? Seems unlikely since I never end up liking fighting games, but it looks cute enough that I may get duped into buying it.

WarGroove- Unspecified 2017: Cute tactical combat game. In case there wasn’t enough Fire Emblem coming in the future, here is one more tactical game! Local multiplayer could make this worth while, but this game is lucky there won’t be an Switch FE game yet.

Stardew Valley- Summer: I have been holding off on getting this game because I really want this on our Switch. I am bummed that I have to wait until summer, but with multiplayer coming, perhaps it will be worth the wait to play as a duo.

I am pretty happy with his presentation. The fact that Nintendo is putting out these videos before their console is out signals a promising lineup of small games to populate the eShop. The hype train going a bit faster now for Friday.






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