Fire Emblem Direct: Info & Thoughts

Everyone’s favorite Nintendo owned tactical roleplaying franchise is having a presentation today. Nintendo will be streaming a Nintendo Direct presentation regarding the announced Fire Emblem Warriors for the Nintendo Switch and information about the upcoming iOS FE title. I am not a big fan of the Warriors games. Dynasty Warriors has had its ups and downs, and Hyrule Warriors was pretty fun on the Wii U, but I rarely look forward to these games so I am curious if Nintendo can get me excited for this upcoming Switch title.

You can watch the stream here:


Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Vallentia (3DS)-

Inspired by Fire Emblem Gaiden (Famicom), reimagined for the 3DS. A mix of exploration and tactical battles. Visual style is a mix of modern 3D animations with a retro look to the battles. There will be fully animated cut scenes.

Releasing on May 19, 2017.

Amiibo of Alm and Celica will be released as well.

Fire Emblem for Switch-

Coming in 2018, no details given.

Fire Emblem Warriors-

Dynasty Warriors+ Fire Emblem. Will be coming to the Switch and New 3DS systems.

Coming in fall 2017

Fire Emblem Heroes (mobile)

A mix of characters from several games. Will have a story. You play a summoner bringing back characters from numerous games.

Maps are 8×6 grid. small, but playable for a phone. combat looks pretty straightforward by Fire Emblem standards. Move, attack, strategize. Characters have an attribute that creates a rock paper scissors effect with strengths and weaknesses.

“Orbs” are used to summon new characters and seem to act as in game currency. Can be won in battles or purchased with real money. The same characters can have different stats. Heroes can train up and max out at a certain level. You can win new characters though battles.

New character art and voice overs.

No mention of trading characters or battling against friends, locally or online.

Releasing on February 2nd for Android and iOS.

Free download with additional purchases. No news if it will follow the Mario Run price plan. There is a site up with additional info for Heroes and a voting event.


That direct had a lot more information than I was anticipating. I thought it would focus primarily on the Fire Emblem Warriors game as that was recently revealed during the Switch presentation. There was no new information on FEW other than a release window of Fall 2017 and that it would be coming to the New 3DS system. Based on what I have heard about Hyrule Warriors on the 3DS, it wont be a very good experience and those interested should seek out the console version.

I was quite surprised to see Fire Emblem Echoes announced. I thought with 2 Fire Emblem games already on the 3DS, not to mention the multiple versions of Fates, that we wouldn’t see another Fire Emblem game until the switch. It may be a remake of Fire Emblem Gaiden, a game that never released in the U.S., but it appears to be full fledged game. I am fairly interested in this game due to its spin on the standard Fire Emblem gameplay style and that it may be one of the last good games on the 3DS system.

I was hoping to see something about a proper Switch Fire Emblem game, and though it is far off, I don’t think they disappointed. Leading up to the Switch release people want to know that there will be good games to look forward to. There are a decent number this year, but letting the public know that a big franchise will be coming in 2018 doesn’t hurt.

Fire Emblem Heroes is almost exactly what I pictured the mobile Fire Emblem game looking like. A small and cute version of the Fire Emblem experience where a battle will take less time but offer a comparable challenge to the console and handheld games. I am disappointed that they didn’t offer some more info on pricing structure and that there is no specific date for iOS yet. Google Play users seem to have lucked out with release dates after iOS got the leg up with Mario Run.

***update: Fire Emblem Heroes will be coming to iOS and Android on February 2nd as well. Nintendo announced via tweet.



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