Erin’s November Reading Wrap Up

Y’ALL IT IS DECEMBER! I hate having to go outside in cold weather, and thankfully we’ve been spared frigid temps here in Chicagoland thus far, but I adore the holiday season and baking and snuggles and reading and so I can’t believe it’s already December but also IT’S DECEMBER! So let’s kick off December with my November reading wrap up!

kids-winter-readingFinished in November:
Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife // Mary Roach
–Rating: 2/5 stars
The Last Wish // Andrzej Sapkowski
–Rating: 4/5 stars
Feedback // Mira Grant
–Rating: 4/5 stars
Swing Time // Zadie Smith
–Rating: 4/5 stars

Currently Reading:
The Association of Small Bombs // Karan Mahajan
The Cabinet of Curiosities // Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Goodreads Challenge:
102/100 books read — WOOO! I actually hit 100 in the middle of the month, which is super exciting. Everything else is just gravy.

Book Riot Read Harder Challenge:
I’ve lost track of what tasks I’ve updated y’all on here…but I only have 5 more to go! So rather than tell you what I have accomplished, let’s go with the 5 tasks I have to knock out December:

  • Read a book originally published in the decade you were born (for me, it’s the 1990s)
  • Read a book by or about a person that identifies as transgender (I put Holding Still For As Long As Possible by Zoe Whittall on hold at the library, so I think I’m gonna go with that one)
  • Read the first book in a series by a person of color
  • Read a nonfiction book about feminism or dealing with feminist themes
  • Read a book about politics, in your country or another

Book of the Month Club Pick:
Another “Y’ALL” moment is here. I about died when I saw this month’s BOTM selections. I have heard the most amazing things about Megan Abbott’s You Will Know Me and I love novels about competitive teenagers and this is about gymnasts and you know I picked and confirmed this instantly. It’s 100% on my TBR for December, along with books for Read Harder.

Well…this was a slow month for me. Between the election (which bummed me out hard), the new Pokemon game, and Thanksgiving, I only finished 4 books. My goal for December is to read at least 8 books – I want to finish the two I’m in the middle of, the five I need for the Read Harder Challenge, and Megan Abbott’s You Will Know Me. I am going home for Christmas which means I’ve got lots of transportation time to read, and I’ll have lots of time at home to read, so I am confident I’ll make it. Make sure you check out my December wrap up, and 2016 wrap up, the first week of JANUARY 2017 to see how I did overall!

Don’t forget you can read detailed reviews of all the books I read at, and if you have any thoughts about any of the books I’ve read this month tweet me @GameandRead. Also check us out on Instagram and Litsy (@GameandRead), and listen to the podcast available here on the blog and on iTunes.

Until next time, happy reading!


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