#SunAndMoonathon Saturday Update

Hello and welcome to all trainers! We are here this morning with our first update on where we are in Pokemon Sun & Moon and what we think so far. So without further ado…let’s go!

I chose to pick up Pokemon Sun and am about 4 hours into the story. I just finished the first trial and am heading to route 3 for the next leg of my adventure. If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you’ll see that I picked Popplio as my starter, which is working out just smashingly. I also got Munchlax, who I promptly named Waffles and who is my second favorite Pokemon (after Likitung).

Overall, I am really enjoying this game! It is really nice visually, with lots of bright colors and varying landscapes, and the mechanics are very easy to master. I so appreciate that, once you encounter a particular Pokemon, your team’s attacks indicate whether they’ll be effective or not. As someone who has not memorized all the strengths and weaknesses among the types (especially since there are so many types) this is a great way for me to a) battle effectively and b) actually learn what to use against which types. At this point, there’s not really anything I don’t like about this game, which is a big win in my book!


I selected Rowlet as my starter and have completed the main story on the first island Melemele. As is often the case with a first run through a Pokemon game, I am busy catching everything for my dex. This however, has over leveled my current team and battles are not difficult. I will probably switch my team some on island 2 to mix it up and add to the challenge. My current team is half Kanto Pokémon half Alolan. This was due primarily to familiarity and the diverse array of Pokemon on the first island. I am impressed with how many types of Pokémon are available right away. Before I head to the 2nd island I am going to run around and smash rocks with my newfound Tauros friend.

I am loving this game thus far. I think it looks great, the perspective feels more realistic than previous games. The story hasn’t kicked in too much, but I think it is heading in fun directions. Battles are fun and the addition of some Pokémon being able to call in friends adds some difficulty. I am excited to see what comes in the near future.

Happy playing,

-Erin & Peter


One thought on “#SunAndMoonathon Saturday Update

  1. Well, I guess I’ll add my thoughts here.

    I’ve been on the second island for an hour or so and I’m enjoying this game immensely. I started with Popplio and have a team made up almost entirely of Pokemon named after various early Church leaders and the leaders of various heretical sects (Sabellius the Crabrawler is my pride and joy). I, like you Peter, have found that due to the way I’ve been playing I have quite the overpowered team but at some point my goal is to go do some grinding to get some other Pokemon to higher levels. I’m using the XP. Sharer item that was given to my character in the beginning. Are either of you using that? It makes life easier but I’m not sure it’s fair. Oh well… That’s what second playthroughs are for. Is it Team Skull in both games? Team Skull is weird. They may be the only feature I’m conflicted on. The continuing use of slang and hip hop beats behind them feels vaguely offensive to me.


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