Dewey’s Readathon: Hour 5 Update

Hey readathoners! I hope everyone is having a lovely readathon thus far, whether you’ve read a ton or not at all. While I’ve been tweeting occasionally, I am here on the blog for my first official readathon update, so here we go!

Quite nicely, the completion of my first book coincides with the very end of hour 4. I have now clocked in one book (478 pages) – Fellside by M.R. Carey. Fellside is a departure from Carey’s The Girl With All The Gifts but it was just as captivating and disturbing, in all the good ways.

As for my next book, I think I’m going to start Gilead by Marilynne Robinson. I’ve heard so much about Robinson’s work but never read anything for myself and I think this will be a nice change in both genre and length from Fellside.

In non-book readathon activities, I’ve participated in a couple mini-challenges and really enjoyed seeing what everyone is up to on Twitter. I’ll probably peruse the readathon tweets/blogosphere and then dive right into Gilead. I’ll be back with another update in a couple of hours.

In the meantime, happy reading!


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