Pokemon Generations Is Out

The new Pokémon mini series has launched on their YouTube channel. Pokémon Generations is comprised of shorts that take place across the six Generations of Pokémon games. Like Pokémon Origins before them, these shorts follow and expand on the world of the Pokémon games, not the long running cartoon.

The first two shorts are currently live on YouTube. The first one follows the path of a Pikachu captured in Viridian Forest as it travels to all the regions with its trainer. The second revolves around the Kanto law enforcement and their hunt for Team Rocket’s leader, Giovanni.  Shorts will be posted weekly through December 23. You can watch both shorts embedded here.

I am always happy when Pokémon takes a step away from the regular cartoon. I have no desire to watch anything other than the episodes I enjoyed as a child (nostalgia everybody!). Pokémon has such a large universe that they could develop numerous movies, shows, shorts, or comics in any number of genres. I hope they continue to make things like Generations and Origins, and hopefully future projects are longer than four minutes.

Final note, if you haven’t seen Pokémon Origins, it is available on Pokemon TV.



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