Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (Part 2 of 2)

I got busy this weekend and was able to finish up Kirby & the Amazing Mirror. In case you missed my first post about this game, you can check it out here. Kirby & The Amazing Mirror is a Game Boy Advance game from 2004.


When I last covered KAM for The Canon I had explored most of the game’s map. KAM’s labyrinthine design was both a breath of fresh air in my Kirby games experience and unexpectedly difficult to traverse. Portals in the main hub either prove my mediocrity in game playing, or just leave something to be desired. With two mirror pieces left before I reached the presumptive boss, I became somewhat frantic trying to locate the remaining bosses. I managed to find one unassisted and was pleased to find it was the Master Hand of Smash Bros. fame. In this same level I was able to obtain the Smash Bros. ability that imbued Kirby with his Melee move-set. On a side note, this ability made me question why Nintendo never attempted to make a mini Smash Bros. for the GBA.


After defeating Master Hand, I had one boss left but little idea as to where it was. I could narrow down the world it was in, but I was unable to find an untraversed route that may have led me to my bounty. In a moment of frustration and weakness I consulted an online map of the area and located a path I hadn’t noticed. I defeated the last boss and prepared myself for the final boss through the mirror.

I faced down a dark Meta Knight and was granted Meta Knight’s kick-ass giant sword to face the evil Dark Mind. Like all good bosses, Dark Mind takes about three stages to complete. Thanks to some button mashing and the aforementioned kick-ass giant sword, I was able to beat Dark Mind and trigger the ending cut scene. Spoiler alert, it was happy.

I can’t say I am a fan of KAM’s non-linear structure. I certainly appreciate the change in pace, but I often found it tedious. Wrong turns led to lengthy one way passages with no exit other than completing the section. Even dying just refreshed the screen rather than kicking Kirby back to the main hub. These wrong turns happened regularly and there were times I felt like I was stuck. The abilities available were fun and certain screens were exceedingly difficult by Kirby standards. The bosses were primarily easy, with large hit windows susceptible to select abilities that were normally available shortly before the fight. There were a couple of boss battles that required several attempts, and those tended to be bosses that were mainly susceptible to Kirby’s primary suck/blow ability. Overall, KAM is a solid Kirby game that I would recommend over many modern platformers for the 3DS.

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