Week In Review: July 30, 2016

We hope you enjoyed working for the weekend. Now that the weekend is here please enjoy all of our posts in chronological order.

Game & Read Reviews: The Night Parade: Another week, another new release! Erin reviews a creepy dystopian novel in Game & Read Reviews.

July 2016 24 in 48: Wrap-up: If you didn’t know, Erin spent 24 hours reading last weekend. Check out her wrap up with all the books she read and general thoughts about the 24 in 48 readathon!

The Devil’s in the References (Part 2 of 4) – The Works of R.S. Belcher and World-Building (Guest Post): Here’s part two of our friend Jordan’s analysis of R.S. Belcher’s works. You can check out Jordan’s blog at Codex of Inconsistency!

The Canon: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror: Peter stared playing this GBA Kirby game over the weekend. It was an emotional journey that involved living up to a child’s expectation of adulthood.

Checkpoint: July 27, 2016: Our weekly video! Peter and Erin discuss what they are currently reading and playing. Peter contemplates the difficulty of Kirby games while Erin reviews one of her readathon books.

#FridayReads: July 29, 2016: Take a look at what Erin is digging into this weekend and her thoughts in Han Kang’s The Vegetarian. Book talk, Friday talk, happy reading talk, it’s all here!

Now on to the News!

Nintendo NX rumors abound!: Will the NX be a high powered handheld that plugs into the TV? Maybe! Will it involve the Nvidia Pascal Tegra chip? Possibly! Will I buy it almost no matter what? You betcha!

Yooka-Laylee Toybox Released: Backers who paid for a higher tier on Yooka-Laylee’s Kickstarter got access to the non-spoiler demo of the anticipated 3D platformer. Game Informer did some comparison to see how Yoooka-Laylee pairs to its 90’s predecessor Banjo-Kazooie.

Man Booker Long-list Released: The prestigious literary award released its long-list of books this week. Even with Erin’s efforts to read newer books, she hasn’t actually heard of any of these. BUT perhaps they should join the TBR…

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-Erin & Peter


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