Game & Read Reviews: The Night Parade

  The Night Parade by Ronald Malfi

Release date: July 26, 2016 from Kensington Publishing Corp.

Premise: David Arlen and his daughter Ellie are on the run as a disease, Wanderer’s Folly, ravages the world and David’s wife. Ellie may hold the key to curing the disease but are the CDC’s motives something more sinister?

Thoughts: Eh. It was okay. I was really interested in the whole idea of a plague no one understands and a possible miracle child but also an evil governmental body. This book delivered all these things but only halfway. I enjoyed the plot and the story but nothing stood out to me as really fantastic.

When it comes to characters, I liked Ellie quite a bit and I was intrigued by Tim and Gany, who were minor yet important characters. I even appreciated Turk, though his presence was antagonistic and fleeting. I liked David okay, though I felt like Malfi established him as an unreliable narrator too late in the book to be effective. I wish Malfi had either started with David as a totally unreliable narrator from the very beginning, committing fully to that concept, rather than this back and forth, sort of reliable perspective.

Overall rating: 3/5 stars. Overall, I liked the book. There were a few odd religious-y overtones that were more confusing than anything, and the title felt totally disconnected from what the book was about, but it wasn’t a painful or boring read. Was it spectacular? No. But do I regret reading it? Nah.

[I received an advance copy of The Night Parade from Kensington Publishing Corp. via Net Galley. The opinions in this review are my own and Waldorf Publishing did not require me to review the book.]


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