July 2016 24 in 48: Update 4

Hello friends!

It’s 12:30 p.m. on Sunday and we’ve got less than 12 hours until the 24 in 48 readathon wraps up. I’m back with my fourth update as we enter the last quarter of book heaven.

As of last night, I finished Leah Remini’s Troublemaker, got through a significant portion of R.S. Belcher’s The Shotgun Arcana, and started Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me? on audiobook. I enjoyed Troublemaker and am loving Why Not Me? so far – both books are less intense but still engaging and funny memoirs about Hollywood, a place and space I know very, very little about. I’m about one-third through Why Not Me? so I don’t know if I’ll finish it before the readathon ends but I’ll definitely stick with it.

I’m also getting close to finishing The Shotgun Arcana, as I enter the last 100 pages. It’s great so far, and I think I like it more than The Six-Gun Tarot, which I devoured. Belcher doesn’t have a ton of female characters but the ones he highlights are pretty badass. I think my next book with be The Vegetarian by Han Kang…watch Twitter in a couple hours to find out for sure!

That’s my update on the 24 in 48 as of now. I’m 18 hours in and I really think I’ll get to 24, which would be REALLY EXCITING! If I do make it the whole 24, it is definitely thanks to some great audiobooks which allow me to rest my eyes and get things done while still consuming the written word. I’ll be back in a bit with another update but until then, happy ready!



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