Week in Review: July 16, 2016

This is the first day of the rest of your weekend! Each week we recap our posts and check out some news stories that piqued our interests. Here’s what happened on Game & Read in the past 7 days.

Game & Read posts this week –

The Devil’s in the References (Part 1 of 4) – The Works of R.S. Belcher and World-Building, Part 1 (Guest Post): Our good friend Jordan has a blog and he’s writing a series of posts about the author R.S. Belcher’s world-building. R.S. Belcher is a new favorite of Game & Read, so we’ll be sharing Jordan’s series of posts over the next few weeks. Enjoy and find more from Jordan at at Codex of Inconsistency!

Discussion Video – Oxenfree and Lumberjanes: We’re back with a new discussion video, and it’s perfect for summer. Check out our thoughts on teenagers, camp, and supernatural shenanigans with this week’s video.

#TBT – Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch: Erin returns to the world of Mr. Hatch the postman who thinks no one loves him and finds out that somebody indeed loves Mr. Hatch.

#FridayReads: Erin gushes about The Fishermen and shares what she’s reading this week.

Now, here’s the news that caught our eye this week –

Amazon is getting rid of list prices, so you won’t know how much your discount really is…will this be good or bad for book stores?

Frank Cho breaks up with Wonder Woman because of censorship claims. Are the covers too revealing or is Cho too dramatic?

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Have a happy weekend!

-Erin & Peter


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