Week in Review: 7/2/16

Welcome to another installment of week in review where we summarize the week’s posts and pretend to read the news!

Game & Read Reviews: Erin took a dive into California summer hippie cults with Emma Cline’s The Girls.

The Canon: Peter took a break from Final Fantasy XII to play Pokemon Puzzle Challenge for the Gameboy Color.

#TBT: Eat your lima beans and find out what it’s like to read A Bad Case of the Stripes as an adult.

#FridayReads: Things get creepy with Sweet Lamb of Heaven and Erin is disappointed in Nightwise. Check out this week’s Friday Reads video for more.

On to some of this week’s news:

–New Pokemon!: We got a glimpse at some of the new Pokemon which will populate the Alola region come this November.

–Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The best looking Star Wars game in a while came out on the 28th.

Top 20: Amazon has released its 20 top selling books of 2016 so far, and there are actually very few new releases. What does this say about the world of Amazon book buyers? They really, really, really want to be their best selves.

That’s all for this week’s wrap up! As always, follow us on WordPress, Youtube, TwitterInstagram, and Litsy. Until next time, happy gaming and reading!
–Peter & Erin


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