Game & Read Reviews: The Girls

26893819Book: The Girls by Emma Cline

Release date: June 14, 2016

Premise: Evie is house sitting for an old friend in California and when his son unexpectedly drops in with his lady friend, Evie is reminded of one summer in the 1960s when she is mesmerized by a girl in the park and gets drawn in to an alluring and dangerous group of hippies. The novel moves between present and past Evie, and we find out what really happened.

Thoughts: The premise of “The Girls’ grabbed me instantly, and I was so excited to read it. It involved summer, young girls, and a cult. So up my alley.

Overall a really interesting book. I really liked the way Emma Cline jumped back and forth between present and past Evie, and the writing evoked the feelings of summer and adventure. Evie was a fairly grounded character with flaws and quirks, and I was certainly wrapped up in what was going to happen to her.

On the downside, I did feel like the narrative as a whole was a little underdeveloped. There were so many references to the boarding school Evie is going to be sent to that I was expecting to spend a lot more time there, but Cline only offered a few pages at the end. I would have been so game for reaching the post-crime point sooner and dwelling there longer, seeing more of the aftermath.

Overall rating: 3/5 stars. There was so much potential that I wish had been more fully realized, but I wasn’t bored reading this book and I do recommend it – it’s a great summer read!

[I received an advance copy of The Girls from Net Galley. The opinions in this review are my own and Net Galley did not require me to review the book.]


3 thoughts on “Game & Read Reviews: The Girls

  1. I thought it was underdeveloped, too. I wanted more with the murders. It promised so much and just didn’t deliver on those promises.


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