The Canon: Final Fantasy XII (Part 4)

I’m back this week to continue my drawn out play-through of Final Fantasy XII. If you haven’t seen the earlier posts, check them out here, here, and here.

I ended my last chunk preparing to enter a run of the mill spooky tomb. I started this week by prepping for the dungeon crawl. I completed a couple of bounty hunts, bought some equipment and mentally prepared for a stroll though the Tomb of Raithwall.



The tomb was pretty simple overall. I fought some bats, skeletons, and strange spellcasting head monsters. There wasn’t much in the tomb regarding puzzles or traps making it overall a little dull. My favorite moment was the moving wall monster that acts as a mini boss right at the beginning of the tomb. While it wasn’t especially difficult, the design was great, and having to move back while attacking was a change of pace. While the tomb was simple, it was the first time my gambits seemed to hold well through numerous encounters.


The tomb’s boss battle was against what became my first summon. Summons are a staple of Final Fantasy, and I am glad to have reached the first summon milestone. The boss, Esper Belias, is a big fire monster which had a hard time keeping up with my healing abilities. That being said, I finished the battle with one remaining party member, so perhaps it wasn’t that easy. After the battle I received Belias as a summon and triggered about five minutes in cutscenes.



I am pretty happy to have gotten through the tomb, and while I was promptly put down by a boss shortly after completing the tomb, I think I can rebound quickly and get back on track.

Overall, I am still really enjoying the pacing of FFXII. Most random enemies require little to no attention, but if I get too lulled into a pattern I miss the chance to upgrade my gambits and abilities leading to some embarrassing defeats. Check back next week as I face off against more bosses and more convoluted plot points!

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