The Canon: Final Fantasy XII (Part 3)

Welcome to this week’s installment of The Cannon! Each week I delve deeper into a game that is 10+ years old. This week I continue to play Final Fantasy XII on the PS2.


I did not play much in the past week. My time totaled roughly 20 minutes. Were I to continue at this pace, I would probably still be writing about FFXII a year from now. While my play was short, it was significant. I mentioned in last week’s post that I died for the first time while fighting a boss. Death is inevitable in most video games, but it is inevitability that I have always dreaded. I’ve always had a hard time continuing after a death in a game, and this instance was no different. Yes I was busy, but the issue that was really stopping my progress was the fear of failing over and over again.


In my desire to keep up with the blog I forced myself to replay the boss fight. I had to face Garuda, a dragon-like creature that hit my allies like a ton of bricks. In my first attempt I found that Garuda was weak to the water spell known by my Ashe character. Returning to the battle, I spent a good 15 minutes on my gambit page ensuring that all my characters were designed to heal Ashe while she hit Garuda repeatedly with the water spell. Additionally, I had to give Ashe the secondary task of replenishing her own MP with ethers when she was low.


The battle was going very quickly with each spell taking sizable chunks out of Garuda’s health bar. Once Garuda hit around 30% though, my party started to fall and I had to drop numerous phoenix down to save Ashe. In the end, half my party fell and my B-team had to step up to deliver the final blow.

While Garuda was probably an easy boss in the grand scheme of things, I was ecstatic to complete the battle. I feel ready to continue and get more gameplay under my belt before the next post.

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