The Canon: Final Fantasy XII (Part Two)


Welcome to the second part of The Canon for Final Fantasy XII! Didn’t read the first one? Check it out here. I played more FFXII over the week and I have some more thoughts to share as I revisit this game.

But first, some news: Final Fantasy XII is getting a remastered release!

What a Coincidence!

Now, back to The Canon:

I didn’t play as much as the first week, but I did make some decent headway on the story. I made it to a new city, Bhujerba, which was exciting to explore. The cities aren’t amazing compared to modern open world games but there is a surprising amount of depth to the two cities I have explored thus far. Numerous shops and NPCs fill streets and give a sense of a vibrant city. Bhujerba is also a hotbed of resistance against an encroaching empire, while supporting it an official capacity. In Bhujerba, the gang was pursued by some bounty hunters and busted out of the Empire’s Dreadnaught airship. Finally I left Bhujerba to seek a treasure in the middle of the desert.

My first thought after re-reading the above paragraph is that this plot feels needlessly complex. That seems to be a common thread in Final Fantasy games, but I am having a hard time remembering my party’s motivation.

The gameplay is still fun overall, managing the party is a nifty take on combat. On that note, I must say that the game doesn’t give enough Gambit options early on. I have ideas of what kinds of commands I would program in, but I don’t have those commands available yet, nor can I purchase them yet in the Gambit shop. I am sure I’ll get there eventually, but I feel like they are holding back my ability to strategize in the game’s system.

I have been making an effort to differentiate my characters more. I have selected certain paths for each character and I think it’s working fairly well. That being said, I got my butt kicked by a boss for the first time because I wasn’t able to properly defend my magic user who could hit the boss’s weak point. Time to re-evaluate!

That’s all I have for this week, check back next Tuesday to see where I’m at.




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