Week in Review: 6/4/16

This is the first day of the rest of your weekend! Each week we recap our posts and check out some news stories that piqued our interests. Here’s what happened on Game & Read in the past 7 days.

Game & Read posts this week –

The Canon– Final Fantasy XII: This week marks a new chapter in The Canon. Peter is switching it up and will be replaying older games to completion. Some games will cover multiple weeks, like the first choice, Final Fantasy XII for the PS2.

New Video Wednesday: It’s Game & Read Checkpoint time. We’ve been reading and playing a bunch of stuff lately and we want to talk about it!

#TBT: Big T little t, what begins with T? TBT is here this week with Dr. Seuss’s ABC.

Erin’s May Wrap Up: Want to know every book Erin read in a month? Now you can with her May Wrap Up.

#FridayReads Video: Erin reviews Persepolis, last week’s read, and talks about what she’s reading this weekend.

Now, here’s the news that caught our eye this week –


Van’s Releases Nintendo Collection: The shoe and apparel company has released a fairly large line of officially licensed Nintendo products including shoes, backpacks, shirts, and socks. There are a few things in this collection we would really love to have.

PS+ and Games With Gold For June: PS+ will be giving away Gone Home, just in time for the NBA finals. On an unrelated note, PS+ will also be releasing NBA 2K16. In line with Microsoft’s strategy of having a better subscription service, Xbox One Games With Gold is giving out Goat Simulator, Super Meat Boy, The Crew, and XCOM Enemy Unknown.

Some New Pokemon News: Aslan and Batface have been given new names. Solgaleo and Lunala are the new legendaries of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Additionally, skin tones have been confirmed for this generation, and Your Pokedex will have Rotom haunting it! We’ve been introduced to the new professor and two other characters in the below video.


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Have a happy weekend!

-Erin & Peter


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