Week in Review: 5/28/16

It’s the end of the week as we know it! Each week we recap our posts and check out some news stories that piqued our interests. Here’s what happened on Game & Read in the past 7 days.

Game & Read posts this week –

New Video: We delve into the life after death with our pairing of Grim Fandango & A Dirty Job  by Christopher Moore. We discuss the grim reaper, spreading plots over multiple years, and character development. check it out.

#TBT: That’s some blog post. Erin revisited Charlotte’s Web for this week’s childhood throwback.

#FridayReads Video: New feature! Every week Erin will talk about what she is reading this week and what she thought of her last Friday Read.

Now, here’s the news that caught our eye this week –

Rumor Mill Catches a No Man’s Sky delay: The hype train is about to get rerouted. Kotaku and every other game site ran a rumor that the highly anticipated No Man’s Sky will be delayed from its June release. This rumor was confirmed. No Man’s Sky will release in August.

The Witcher 3 Blood & Wine Set to Launch: The Witcher 3 is wonderful and even though I, Peter, am nowhere near done with the main game, I am already looking forward to playing the DLC packs. Blood & Wine takes Geralt to a new region that looks both beautiful and intense like all Witcher locations. I am glad to see the positive reviews which ensure I will have Witcher to play for numerous months at my pace.

Ebook Deals from Goodreads: It was announced that the ever popular book tracking sit Goodreads is going to began sending personalized ebook deals. I’m not a huge ebook fan but with the reliability of Goodreads, maybe I’ll check this out!

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Have a happy weekend!

-Erin & Peter


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