This Week in Bead Sprites: 5/15/16

Hey, Perler people. Not a lot of time to put together this week’s post. Things have been crazy busy for us with Erin graduating, family visiting, and Book Con, so here are a handful of my favorite Instagram posts this week.

Here we go to some awesome creators:


First up is @nickgalilei with the two new Pokemon starters people actually care about, Litten and Rowlet.


Next up is a Perler comic. A new concept to me, but I think this is an awesome piece from @operledittemarie.


And finally, the cutest ice cream sandwich to ever show up in a cartoon. Steven Universe’s Cookie Cat made by @certainpotato.

Cookie cat!!! 😀 #cookiecat#stevenuniverse#perler #art #fun

A post shared by CertainPotato (@certainpotato) on


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