BookCon 2016: Chicago

We are at our first BookCon! It’s in Chicago this year, following BEA (Book Expo America) and we just had to go. Check out some of the highlights from the day!

11:15- we’ve been here for about an hour now. The show floor is like a giant crazy book mall. Lots of free advance copies, lots of promotional junk. It’s pretty crazy seeing this many book people in one place.

We're checking out some coloring books from #bluestar at #thebookcon

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Jordan is contemplating his love of L. Ron Hubbard. #thebookcon

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3:00 – We’ve arrived back in Oak Park after wandering around the BookCon show floor for a few hours. Wow, there is so much going on! Though we didn’t catch any panels or autographs (the lines were insane), we did see Sherman Alexie and Erin bought Meg Cabot’s newest Princess Diaries book (she even paid full price for it!). Here are a few pictures from our BookCon day —

We loved some of the titles coming from @albertwhitman #thebookcon

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We had a wonderful time at #thebookcon !

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Great people to go to #thebookcon with.

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And now, in visual form, everything we acquired at BookCon! So many books, tote bags, buttons, stickers, a few temporary tattoos, and lots of posters.

Our #thebookcon haul! I don't know if we got enough…

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There’s our little BookCon wrap up! Because of all the cool stuff we got at BookCon, there’s going to be a little schedule switcharoo. We’re moving our next Game & Read discussion video to next week and this week we’ll be sharing a book haul video! Look for that video in the next few days.

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-Peter & Erin


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