#TBT: Night of the Living Dummy (Goosebumps#7)

Happy Thursday! I bring you a TBT from the scarer of 90s children, R.L. Stine. I went to a book signing of his once and he’s just as creepy in real life as you think he would be.

nightofliving dummy.jpgTitle
: Night of the Living Dummy // R.L. Stine, published 1993

Memories: I loved Goosebumps and Fear Street as a kid. I thought the books were scary and they featured kids my age, and they drew on this weird love I had of ghost-y things. Night of the Living Dummy is a memorable book because I collected porcelain dolls for a while and was intrigued and terrified of the idea that dolls came to life. I remember thinking Slappy was delightfully weird and, of course, gets put back in his place at the end.

Thoughts as an adult: Oh lordy. This was terrible. None of the characters were likable, the writing style is so juvenile, and there was a ton of build up before any real action happened. I can see why I enjoyed this book as a child…but I won’t be picking up more Goosebumps.

Does it hold up? Nope. This is definitely a book written for pre-teens. I do not recommend picking Night of the Living Dummy or other Goosebumps books up if you are over the age of 14.

Let me know your thoughts on Night of the Living Dummy in the comments or on Twitter @GameandRead.

Until next time, happy reading!


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