#TBT: James and the Giant Peach

Happy Thursday! I bring you a TBT from the mastermind Roald Dahl. I could have picked a million others, and they will probably make an appearance eventually, but today is the beauty of a boy and his peach.

: James and the Giant Peach // Roald Dahl, published 1961

Memories: Roald Dahl has written many of my believed childhood books, and my memories of James and the Giant Peach are related more to the movie but the book also holds a place in my book heart. I remember loving the art and the bugs, especially Spider and Ladybug. Plus peaches are delicious, so why doesn’t want to read about a giant peach??

Thoughts as an adult: SO GOOD. So much more surreal than I remembered, especially the section with the Cloud Men. I devoured the book, and not just because it was written for younger readers. The little songs of Grasshopper and Centipede, and James at the end, were so delightful and sassy.

Does it hold up? Yes! I think so. I got so much more out of this book reading it as an adult. The whimsy and the surrealism are fabulously done and I definitely missed that as a child.

Let me know your thoughts on James and the Giant Peach in the comments or on Twitter @GameandRead.

Until next time, happy reading!


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