This Week In Bead Sprites: 5/1/16

Hey Perler People, time to check out some melted plastic.

First up, here’s a shot I took.

Bookshelf Battlers.

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It’s been a while since I have made anything, but I have a good amount of things worth taking new photos of.

On to the other folks! Don’t forget to check out their full profiles and submit your own Perler photos to


Here we have a lovely Inkling Girl posted by @rachelsdreamland.


Up next we have this adorable 3D Spyro from @freebeadspatter. I think I’ll be making one of these for Erin if they post their pattern, it’s just too cute.


Finally, I happened to see three portraits that I thought were very cool, so here they are.

Stephen Colbert by @anacognate

#perler #portrait dedicated to #sittingindoors on a nice day

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The Joker by @quad9art

Heath Ledgers Joker.

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Two-Face by @seeuinwonderlandshop

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter, see you next week!



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