Week in Review 4/30/16

Happy Saturday! It’s time for our week in review. Each week we recap our posts and check out some news stories that piqued our interests.

Game & Read posts this week –

This Week In Bead Sprites:  Submit your bead sprite photos for next week by emailing gameandred@gmail.com.

New Video Monday: We checked in and discussed the problems of starting a new book…that you’ve actually read before. Watch and find out what book Erin’s now read twice!

The Canon: Peter took a look at Scott Pilgrim vs. the World the game. It may not be that old, but it is a fun beat ’em up not to be missed

Now, here’s the news that caught our eye this week –

Nintendo NX is coming in March 2017: We still have no idea what this console is, but we know in which 31 day period it will be available worldwide. March happens to be our mutual birthday month, so feel free to send us one, Nintendo.

World’s Largest Bookstore: Thanks to the weekly Book Riot podcast, we learned that a new book store is getting ready to open in Tehran, Iran. Why is this news? Because it will be the biggest bookstore in the world at more than 484,000 square feet. That’s like, almost 10,000 football fields. HOLY MOLY Y’ALL.

Today is National Independent Bookstore Day: Pay a visit to your favorite indie bookseller and support your local book community!

Have a happy weekend!

-Erin & Peter


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