This Week In Bead Sprites: 4/24/16

Perler People! Welcome to this week’s bead sprites post, let’s get to it.

I didn’t make anything new, but I am working on taking more interesting photos and  putting stands on some existing pieces.

Surprise! A Minotaur attacks.

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Erin and I made these Mario Kart friends several months ago, but I thought it was time that they got a proper shot.

While Erin reads, Peter's getting ready for tomorrow's bead sprite post.

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On to the other folks!

@Skoogsparlan is a free elf.


Does Street Fighter V’s lack of complete content have you down? Have no fear, @Realrecognizleal‘s adorable sprites are here to cheer you up.


This Star Fox piece by @perler_purrs is stunning, and if I had enough boards, I would be very tempted to attempt to make my own.


The world lost a great artist this week. @Pappasparlor created a lovely tribute to Prince.

Purple rain. #pappasparlorcustom

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See y’all next week.



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