This Week In Bead Sprites 4/16/17

What’s up, Perler People? Here we are once again to look at some beads that have been stuck together in an appealing fashion. Don’t get what I mean? Just check out the pictures. Don’t forget, you can submit photos to to get in next week’s post.

Those crazy droids, always getting into hijinks.

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Nothing fancy from me this week, just some cute droids hanging out on a sandbox Jakku.

On to the people doing cooler things! Don’t forget to check out their Instagram pages for all of their other work.

Up first is @mortenlundemann’s piece which turns Nintendo greats into ferocious Kaiju!


#pikman #fusebeads #pixelart #perlerart #perler

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Next up is  Olimar and his trusty Pikmin from @m.barkani.


Is that even made of beads? It’s so large it is hard to tell in this photo. Thanks to @perlerking604 for this great Red XIII from Final Fantasy VII


And finally this week, a less video gamey piece from @beadlez. I always appreciate when Perler People step out of the fandom and just use the beads as a medium.


Don’t forget to check out our Twitter & Instagram. Have a great week!



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