This Week in Bead Sprites: 4/10/16

Hey, pixelated peeps, hope you are having a good weekend. Let’s check out a few pieces on the Instagrams this weekend.

New Bit: Have a piece you want to submit? Email with Check Out This Bead Sprite in the subject line.

Now, here’s what I made this week-

Shelldouken! Do shells normally inspire people to make Street Fighter sprites?

A post shared by Peter (@nerd_in_the_world) on

Hadouken! I am trying to take more interesting pictures with my sprites and found inspiration in this shell I got on vacation. I haven’t made any Street Fighter sprites before, but finding the proper shades for Ryu’s skin/gi was a little tedious. However I am pretty happy with the result.

On to other creators! All these folks are making cool things and I highly recommend checking out their Instagram profiles.

First up, this great question block bank from Dark Link Designs. I would gladly have this replace the old jar which currently holds all my change.


Next up is the cutest sprite I saw this week. The Charizard Pikachu plushes are great and all, but I think I prefer their bead sprite equivalent from Perler Chicken.

Finally this week, a shrine to one of the greatest heroes of the not too distant future, Gordon Freeman. Thanks to Pixelartarvika for putting this together.

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