This Week in Bead Sprites: 4/3/16

Hey perler people! I’m on the road heading back from a trip right now, but have no fears I was still able to check out some cool pieces this week. On a related note, Game & Read now has Instagram and Twitter, so check us out on those platforms as well.

I didn’t make anything new, but I got a couple of photos on the beach with some of my favorite small pieces.

Even piranha plants need a vacation. #nintendo #perler #beach

A post shared by Peter (@nerd_in_the_world) on

Squids invading the surf. #perler #splatoon #nintendo

A post shared by Peter (@nerd_in_the_world) on


Now on to other creators!

Erin & I saw Zootopia recently and loved it, and then I saw these pieces made by perlerrequests which I loved almost as much.


Next up is this awesome Hellboy made by billyklyde.


And finally, here are some really cool custom Mario/Pokemon shells by christoperler. Eeveeloutions are the best!


See y’all next week,



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