#TBT: On the Banks of Plum Creek

Happy Thursday! While I’ve been running around Florida, the Ingalls family made their home in Minnesota. It’s a little late in the day for this week’s #TBT, but that’s the beach life now isn’t it?

51gyqgn-l5l-_sy344_bo1204203200_Title: On the Banks of Plum Creek // Laura Ingalls Wilder, published 1937

Memories: I adored the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. All of them. On the Banks of Plum Creek is just one of many I could have reread for this week’s #TBT. I remember thinking Laura was so awesome and sassy and independent; Mary was sort of annoying but also totally responsible, unlike Laura; and reading about Pa playing the fiddle made me want to learn (though I never followed through on that…). All the Little House books were full of adventure, and I remember feeling SO MANY EMOTIONS.

Thoughts as an adult: I still love Laura Ingalls Wilder and On the Banks of Plum Creek is a wonderful work of literature. Though it was written for a younger audience, I appreciated all the details Wilder adds, the descriptions of the land covered in snow and the twinkle in Pa’s eye. Reading from Laura’s perspective made me feel a child-like wonder at the banks covered in snow and the long walk to school. I realized Ma was an insanely strong woman, and that the Little House books in general feature a hell of a lot of independent women.

Does it hold up? Absolutely. Wilder is a wonderful author and her storytelling is captivating for children and adults alike. This was so fun to read again and though I may not write about them for other #TBTs, I am planning on revisiting all the Little House books!

Our next #TBT will be April 21 – I’ve got a number of deadlines for papers and presentations coming up during the first few weeks of April so we’re taking a baby #TBT hiatus. In the meantime, let me know your thoughts on On the Banks of Plum Creek (or any of the Little House books) in the comments or on Twitter @EMurch.

Until next time, happy reading!




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