The Canon: Ninjatown

Since I am on a trip right now I thought I would share one of my favorite road trip games. Although I haven’t played it since high school, but I loved Ninjatown’s aesthetic and tower defense gameplay. For me this was a primo example of how minimalist a DS game could be while still being very fun.


What made it great then? Ninjatown is by no means a “great” game in most senses of the word. It was a very enjoyable tower defense game with a cute theme and style. When I think back to what made the DS a great handheld, I think of games like Ninja Town. Casual and simple, it does one thing very well, and doesn’t add unnecessary frills.

What makes it great now? The art is probably the most memorable aspect of this game. The ninja are a simple human shape making them instantly lovable  and everything looks like the graphic equivalent of bubble letters. Bright colors and curvy shapes make this game distinct in style

Why should it be remembered? It is a rare example of a fully published tower defense game. While there are plenty of tower defense games, the stand alone physical release is a rarity.



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