This Week In Bead Sprites: 3/20/16

I’ve been in a mild slump for the past week. Nothing serious, just some mild ennui. I haven’t made anything in a couple weeks, but I thought I’d share one of the few pieces in Erin’s and my apartment, a cute Catbug made by Erin.

I am Catbug!

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Additionally, I am switching up the format of the post and instead of doing weekly themes I will pick my favorite three pieces by other creators from the past week.

First up is from Pappas Parlor with a very nice shot of Pokémon’s Erika and her trainers.

Next up is the largest Venusaur I have ever seen from khaozmaverick

And finally, a crazy piece dedicated to the Governator from doaruss.

See y’all next week



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