The Canon: Mario Kart 64

Back to the N64 after talking about Banjo Kazooie last week. Some games go over
looked in their time, Mario Kart 64 was not one of them. If you were alive in the 90s and somehow avoided ever playing Mario Kart 64, I am sorry to say that you missed out.

300px-MK64_Cover.pngWhat made it great then? It was an incredibly solid racer in the early days of the 3D gaming generation. It was fairly easy to drive the karts, levels were complex enough to be interesting without incredible difficulty (except for Banshee Boardwalk), and between races and battles, the multiplayer experience can’t be beat. I played so much of this game back then and never got tired of trying to hit the shortcut jumps and get the upper hand on my friends

What makes it great now? I actually still play this game pretty regularly. I love the other Mario Kart games, but it is so much fun to break out the N64 for some old school fun. The visuals seem crude compared to HD, but it is far from some of the now headache inducing N64 games

Why should it be remembered? It is definitely a favorite for nostalgia trips, but I think I can recommend this to anyone who enjoys a casual racing game. It may not have all the bells and whistles of modern kart games, but it was definitely an important stepping stone in history. It brought Mario Kart to full 3D visuals and remains an incredibly fun experience for myself an others.



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