Reaction: Nintendo Direct 3/3/16

It feels like it’s been a while since we had a general Nintendo Direct. There has been Pokemon Direct and Smash Direct, but the last general one was in November. Let’s see what was covered!

Check the video below.

Things they did not discuss: the NX, Pokemon Go, Zelda Wii U, Mother 3.

It’s a bummer that none of these topics were even mentioned in video. But they did announce outright that the NX and Go would not be covered. I feel like a hint to keep hype and excitement going would be fun. Even saying “look forward to this summer to learn more about Zelda Wii U!” would have been nice.

Star Fox Zero and Guard:After the negative press on its graphics, the final showing of Star Fox Zero looks pretty good. I don’t see the appeal of the Star Fox Guard game (Star Fox: Five Nights at Freddy’s), but I like that it is completely optional for digital buyers. I haven’t played Star Fox in a very long time, so I am actually pretty excited to pick it up sometime in the future.

Splatoon Updates: Basic tweaks for overall gameplay, matchmaking, etc. New weapon selects. I haven’t touched this game in a while and I don’t think this will send me back, but I like that they are working to maintain an online community, since it signals that they will continue this with future games.

Mario and Sonic At the Rio Olympic Games: I’ve yet to try one of these. I think they look cute, and they have to find a way to make all those side Sonic characters relevant (for real, I don’t recognize half of them).

Some Kind of Bragging: So many Mario Maker Levels!

Super Mario Maker: I like how many updates they have been making for this game. Keys can be super handy for all those level designers out there. Nintendo seems to now realize that games can add many fun things after launch to drastically improve what is already a good game. Not charging is also very friendly to all the Mario Makers out there.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE: Wow, this is bonkers and that title is complete garbage. Why not chop out like two of those words? Pop stars fighting on stage with crazy Fire Emblem/Shin Megami Tensei characters and no english dub? Some anime nerd just fainted. The people who want this game really want it, and nobody else will touch it. I am actually intrigued by the campiness and want to try it out, but I don’t know how long I can enjoy it before I blush so hard my cheeks rupture. Also, Bill Trinnen just said it “oozes style” I don’t want anything I play to ooze.

Lost Reavers: A free MMO. When they teased this a year ago I thought it may be a fairly serious game on what is normally a somewhat silly console. However they went with a pretty blah looking game where you shoot zombies at point blank and crowd your too big party into tight dungeons. Full disclosure, I have never been a big MMO person, so for all I know this could be fun for people more inclined to MMOs

Paper Mario Color Splash: I really did not enjoy Paper Mario Sticker Star on the 3DS so I am very wary about how adding this “fun” theme will make an enjoyable game. It looks great, but they showed very little of the combat so I can’t tell if it will be as tedious as Sticker Star. I will hold on to hope though.

Pokken Tournament: Got up close with a few of the fighters, nothing new or important otherwise. I suck at fighting games, but I may actually enjoy playing as a pokémon.

My Nintendo: I’m glad we may be replacing Club Nintendo soon, especially since it rewards gameplay along with purchases. No major details other than it will work with the Nintendo Apps currently in development.

Mini Mario Amiibo thing: I’m always down for more Amiibo freebies, and those puzzles are fun for the most part.

Animal Crossing Amiibo: Isabelle can be purchased outside of the bundle, wooo.

SNES on 3DS: Great if you want to play these on the 3DS. Bad if you want these on the 3DS but already purchased them on your Wii U (like myself) and they don’t support cross-buy! I am very annoyed at this at the moment.

Pocket Card Jockey: Cards and horses. I refuse to say more.

Gunvolt 2:  I think I heard that these are good? I don’t know, but hey, more interesting side scrollers!

Hyrule Warriors Legends DLC: Nintendo has embraced DLC season pass, what is going on?!?

Bravely Second: I don’t plan on playing this. Bravely Default was well structured for combat but was sooooooooo long and not very interesting. I love the idea of a cat wizard, but not enough to spend time and money on something that may be too similar to its predecessor.

Dragon quest VII: I must admit that I have yet to play a Dragon Quest game. I will correct this sometime in the future, but maybe not with this one.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force: I never understood the hate that this game got at E3. It looks pretty fun overall. It reminds me of Tri Force Heroes and I think party mechanics can work well with Metroid style challenges.

Rhythm Heavan Megamix: I suck at rhythm games, but the visual appeal is hard to escape. If you can keep a beat, check this one out.

Kirby: Planet Robobot: It looks like any other Kirby game, but that is not a bad thing. The Kirby Clash mode is a great way to keep up the use of side games like in Kirby Triple Deluxe, and I love the idea of a team of Kirbys. Amiibo support is nifty, and I love the new figures they are putting out with this game.


Overall I would say this was a pretty good showing despite lacking Zelda Wii U, NX, and Pokemon Go. There are some games I am really looking forward to and some that look less appealing. Nintendo seems to lack a great slate of upcoming Wii U games, but considering the NX may be out this year, resources could be going elsewhere.



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