#TBT: Artemis Fowl

tumblr_nvjz7yvwpy1uwjqdeo1_400Book: Artemis Fowl // Eoin Colfer, published 2001.

Memories: I remember really liking Artemis Fowl. I liked it enough that when Eoin Colfer came by a children’s bookstore in my area I made special plans with my parents to go and see him, I still have my signed copies. Artemis Fowl was cool, an anti-hero, and tech savvy in a way that was very new millennium. Before rereading the book I couldn’t recall too many details outside of the general premise, a wickedly genius boy takes on the secret society of magical creatures in an attempt to steal their gold. One small thing I remember not enjoying in Artemis Fowl was the proliferation of “technical” jargon that often confused a pre-adolescent Peter.

Thoughts as an adult: I really like the premise. It’s a great mix of Despicable Me and Hellboy. There is a lot of toilet humor, some of which was surprisingly subtle. I am sure I loved that when I first read it, but it falls a bit too much on the gross side for my tastes. The jargon I mentioned in the previous section is incredibly irritating, lengthy, technical sounding words are strung together to convey a high-tech situation, but it ends up being hard to understand gibberish that upon closer inspection doesn’t make much sense. Additionally, I found the combination of dialogue choices and internal thoughts to be trope-y and inconsequential. This is not a book worth revisiting as an adult

Does it hold up? Nope. I didn’t enjoy most of this revisiting experience and can’t recommend it. I am not sure if it would even work well with today’s youth. Artemis was supposed to be cutting edge by 2001 standards, which he was, which is practically the stone age for modern tech-using children. I think kids would still enjoy the plot, but Artemis Fowl lacks the timelessness of classic kid’s books

Erin will be taking back the reins next week with the book The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events #1) by Lemony Snicket.

Let me know what you think of this week’s #TBT in the comments or on Twitter @nerdintheworld. Until next time, happy reading!



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