The Canon: The Gameboy Camera

I’m going to tweak the idea of this weekly post. Originally, I thought I would be looking into games widely claimed to be in the “Canon”. However, I have been having little to no inspiration to continue that pursuit at this time. I do want to revisit memorable video games and hardware, but I think  I will be sticking to even more personal subjects and explain why I do not want them to be forgotten. With that being said, let’s briefly discuss the first digital camera I used.

The Gameboy Camera was released in June of 1998, the summer before I entered first grade. By September I was crowded around a dark Gameboy Pocket at recess watching a classmate place stickers on pixelated images of our friends. He then printed them out on what looked like receipt paper. I was amazed.

The Gameboy Camera allows the user to take photos, edit them with frames and sticker, and play a small number of mini games. It was not an extensive game, it relied on the user wanting to take photos and edit them continuously. Considering the past 15 years have made it easier to take and edit photos of yourself and your friends, I find the Gameboy Camera to be almost quaint. It was more difficult to use than a polaroid, but offered customization that would become popular later on with computer applications like Apple’s Photo Booth.

There may not be much interest in the Gameboy Camera outside of the retro Gameboy fans. Since I fall into that category, I am happy to sing the praises of my favorite hardware peripheral and share a few photos I have taken with it.

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Squirrelly secrets. #gameboycamera #gameboy #lofi #bitboy

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I didn’t purchase a Gameboy Camera until 2015. I purchased one specifically to use with a limited release product called the BitBoy. The BitBoy moves Gameboy photos to an SD card. It is fun thing to pull out every once in a while, and I think it will be for a long time.




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