This Week in Bead Sprites: Pokémon (Gen 1)

Hey, friends it’s time to pretend the Super Bowl isn’t happening and look at adorable creatures you catch in a video game!

First up, a few pieces I have made.

I wanted to make a full team of the menu sprites from the third generation of Pokémon, which were all of the Gameboy Advance games. They are mall enough that I could make several, but were well designed enough that one can tell at which pokémon they are looking.

Third gen sprites for my first gen favorites. #Pokemon #perler

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I really love the overworld sprites from Red and Blue, but they are fairly plain on their own, so I took a whack at a more interesting, but simple, presentation.

Well, Snorlax, we seem to be at an impasse. #Pokemon #perler #beadsprite

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Last from my Instagram is one that I made last August for a friend. It was my first larger sprite, and came out surprisingly well considering my low experience.

Erin and I are the best at graduation gifts #Pokemon #perler #mewtwo

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On to a few from other folks.

I love these painting pieces, a nifty way to spruce up hotel art.


This next artist makes amazing 3D pieces that make me very jealous.


Let’s end the best way anything can, with a member of the Squirtle Squad surfing


Next week will be Kingdom Hearts, so get ready for some Keyblades and Heartless.



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