One Wish for Great Detective Pikachu

In case you have missed the news, there is a new game for the 3DS about a Pikachu who is a Sherlock Holmes style detective, deerstalker hat included. Check out the Japanese trailer.

While there are currently no announcements regarding an English version, we are sure it will come out eventually. Many English speaking fans, presumably American, have signed an online petition expressing their desire for Danny DeVito to voice Pikachu. However, we do not consider DeVito to be the ideal choice and would like to make a counter argument.

There is only one perfect choice to voice a Pikachu detective, and that is the immortal Ice-T.


The rapper/actor well known for his long term role of Detective Odafin Tutuola on Law & Order: SVU is the only real choice to play a master detective that can electrocute people with its cheeks. He has played a detective for 16 years! In those 16 years he has pretended to investigate sexually based offenses, which are considered especially heinous, imagine what he could do if he were confronting Team Rocket. Only Ice T could bring the gravitas and mild lisp needed to take on Pokemon criminals. In case you need some extra convincing check out this tacky Buzzfeed list.

No petition is needed to convince the world this is the right choice. Pokemon Company, please do not disappoint us.

-Peter & Erin


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