This Week In Bead Sprites: Shovel Knight

Welcome back, and happy Sunday! This week we have one of my favorite games from the past couple years, Shovel Knight. If you haven’t played Shovel Knight yet, you are doing something wrong. It is too good for it’s price range and is available on every console with free DLC. Go play it.

On to what I made this week:

I’m working with mini beads now. They are a little time consuming, but make sprites a more accessible size and look very detailed from a little distance.

Of all the enemy knights, Treasure Knight had my favorite aesthetic. His big canon and brassy color is very “20,00 Leagues Under The Sea”, and he is quite large compare to some of the other knights.

His greed knows no bounds. He will defeat #ShovelKnight. Treasure Knight is a hefty #perler sprite.

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And finally from me, Plague Knight, the focus of the first free DLC released for the game.

Made a thing to celebrate the #shovelknight DLC. Plague Knight! #videogames #yachtclubgames

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On to other bead-peeps

Ratcopters. A unique enemy, worthy of framing.

I want to try making some 3D figures sometime, but in the meantime I will drool over this cutie.

I like this next one because it goes beyond the standard sprite, making a more detailed Shovel Knight.

Shovel knight!

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When I first saw this picture, I didn’t realize it was made of beads. Looking at their construction posts, it looked like it took roughly 25 boards. I am sure fusing was a pain.


That’s all for this week. Next week I’ll dive into Wario and company.

Inspriational quotes from #Wario. #nintendo #perler

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