This Week In Bead Sprites: Final Fantasy

Welcome back to my bead melting hobby of choice. This week’s theme is Final Fantasy, a series that has spread to nearly every console of the last 30 years. I started playing Final Fantasy games in 2001, so while most of the pixel era predates me, I do love some of their older sprites, not to mention the characters in their handheld games.

First up, here’s what I made this week.

I like making smaller pieces and trying to put them in unusual shots. With that in mind, I wanted to make a whole party facing off against a big-ish enemy. I really like the minotaur Sprite from FFIII and it used a couple of shades I don’t get to use very often. I stuck all the sprites to a poster of mine to add something distinct to the setup.

I was really happy with how my Minotaur came out. It didn’t take too long to assemble, but it had been a while since I ironed something this large. the fuse was pretty even, and everything seems pretty well stuck together.

Really happy with this #perler Minotaur.

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On to what I could find from other bead-sprite people!

Possibly the cutest piece I found while searching for this post.

I was really lazy this week and didn’t get around to making my own chocobo, but I don’t think I could top these.

An FF6 sprite altered with what every chocobo loves, a potion made with the finest hops and barley.

The most recognizable FF character. I was tempted to make a Cloud before deciding to make the Minotaur.

Had to throw in another huge monster, like Leviathan.

And last, but not least some of the few bead sprites I could find from my favorite kind of Final Fantasy.. Tactics!

Next Week’s theme is Shovel Knight! Get ready to dig it.



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