24 in 48 Readathon: Update #2

It’s about 2:00 p.m. and I have officially read for 5 hours and 9 minutes! I’m almost a fourth of the way through the 24 hours, which I think is pretty good. Peter and I are going out with some friends tonight, so I’ve only got a few more reading hours left today. My goal is to finish one more book before I call it quits for the day, and if I do that, I’ll have to pick some more books for tomorrow’s reading time!

Since my last update post, I’ve completed two books: A Brief History of Portable Literature by Enrique Vila-Matas and Bingo Under the Crucifix by Laurie Foos. Both were really strange but enjoyable. As always, there are reviews over on my Goodreads.

As I head toward hour 6, I think I’m going to pick up Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. I anticipate a fun and exciting next couple hours!

I’ll be back with an update late this afternoon/early evening – until then, follow me on Twitter and happy reading!



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