The Canon: Introduction

There are many games that people like to attach the “classic” label to. This label can be a little misleading as it may just refer to the games age, popularity at the time, or just personal preferences. What constitutes the term classic? Presumably, it’s an influence on the medium for the future. Considering commercial video games only started in the 1970’s, it is impossible to tell what games if any will be passed on to later generations as the most important and influential works from this time. The aspect of video games that complicates this the most is that they rely not just on story, but also gameplay and technology. What constitutes influential gameplay? Being the first to use a particular idea? Utilizing that idea in a more entertaining way? Considering how many consoles there have been in the past 35 years, what will make one or the other stand out?

Sorry to throw out a bunch of rhetorical questions. As someone who appreciates the history of games, video and otherwise, I am curious to see what things will stand out in the future as the paragons of early video game history.

So, allow me to throw in my two cents with this weekly blog post where I will dive into games, hardware, and whatever else I can find and make a case for their preservation for future generations.

See you next week, and in the future!



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