This Week In Bead Sprites: Metroid and Minis

Hey friends, here is a new feature I will be doing weekly about my crafting hobby of making bead sprites. Each week I’ll pick a theme, make some pieces, and highlight other bead spriters from Instagram. I finished Metroid Fusion for the GBA this week so the theme is Metroid. check the following photos and follow me and the other Instagram accounts for cool bead sprite posts.

First up, here are my personal Metroid sprites:

#perler #Metroid #nintendo

A post shared by Peter (@nerd_in_the_world) on

I finished #Metroid Fusion yesterday. Had to commemorate it with some #perler. #nintendo

A post shared by Peter (@nerd_in_the_world) on

A little #perler to kick off the day. #metroid #nintendo #pixelart #samus

A post shared by Peter (@nerd_in_the_world) on

And on to some much more intense sprites by some better spriters

This ridiculous Ridley by Luis Lorenzo

And this suer cool Samus mask by Matthew Phelan. You should definitely follow this guy, he posts a lot of cool and original pieces.

Finally, I got to test out the Perler Mini-Beads recently, so here is the little pre-planned project I tried out. I like how small sprites can be with these beads, but I have to work very slowly to fit them in the right spots.

Finished test project for mini beads.

A post shared by Peter (@nerd_in_the_world) on

Next week’s theme is Final Fantasy, so check back next Sunday to see what I make and find on Instagram.



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