On Psychonauts 2

During the Video Game Awards, Psychonauts 2 was announced. A sequel to the 2005 3D action-platformer by Tim Schafer and Double Fine, Psychonauts 2 would presumably continue the story of Raz Aquato as he delves into the world of psychic secret agents. The Game can be funded on Fig.co with a digital copy of the game running in the $33 for a limited number and $39 after those run out. Double Fine Studio’s goal is $3,300,000,000, no small feat, but they broke $100,000 less than a half hour after the announcement, so I think they have a good shot.

I contributed to the game immediately. I did not hesitate to charge $33 bucks for a game not expected until 2018. Tim Schafer’s games have been among my favorites since childhood. You need only listen to my drunken retelling of the game to know how I feel about Psychonauts making a return. The first Psychonauts is filled with charm and funny characters that make the game so memorable. Psyconauts delivered an experience that I could not leave behind, it is stuck in my head like a crying piece of luggage. Psychonauts deserved a sequel a long time ago, but I am glad it’s on the way (probably).

If you want to help revive a wonderful game, consider funding Psychonauts 2, and in the meantime, checkout my drunk game retelling and our Game & Read discussion about Psychonauts.



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