Peter’s (and Erin’s) Response to the 11/12/15 Nintendo Direct

Thought I’d share my thoughts on the news items delivered in today’s Nintendo Direct video. Here’s an itemized list, in order of announcement, with comments (Erin’s are in parenthesis).

R.I.P. Satoru Iwata.

Twilight Princess HD for Wii U, Wolf Link Amiibo: Never actually played this one, I’ll have to look into the HD version. (That wolf looks f***ing weird). Yes it does.

Den of trials, New Costumes for Triforce Heroes: Wish I had money to buy three copies of this game.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon: No interest from me. (Why isn’t Lickitung playable?)

Two New Splatoon Maps, More Gear, Splatoon Profile Website: Levels look pretty good. When is the paid DLC hammer going to fall? (Love that they keep adding new stuff, and I can’t wait for the resort level. I suck at jumping but it looks fun!)

Super Mario Maker Search Site: Why wasn’t this available on release? (I have no thoughts)

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival: Like Mario Party with no drinking. Buy more Amiibo, everybody! Look how cute they are! (I don’t understand Animal Crossing)

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash: When will Mario get out of the country club and bring back soccer, baseball, etc? (I love tennis video games. This looks fun)

Xenoblade Chronicles X: Look, we can be just like XBONE and PS4 with huge installs when you buy physical copies. (Nope. Don’t Care)

Nintendo Badge Arcade: Free to start=try this demo. Validate yourself with cute images on your home screen.

Pokemon Picross: How long until this is on iOS?

SteamWorld Heist: Can it live up to my love of SteamWorld Dig?

Fast Racing Neo: Nintendo won’t make an F-Zero game so someone else will! (Looks really pretty, but I anticipate crashing… a lot.)

Typoman: Looks fun and original, good addition to the eshop. (I want it, it looks so cool. I want it, it looks so cool. I want it.)

Pokken Tournament: Stoked to suck at this! (Not a big fighty person. I’ll watch)

Star Fox Zero: I hope it’s good! Gotta keep those classic franchises alive. (ugh)

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam: I disliked the last Paper Mario and the last Mario & Luigi. Do not want. (It looks pretty, but eh.)

Final Fantasy Explorers: Hopefully a more combat heavy Fantasy Life. Would like to play co-op with Erin. (My interest is piqued)

Fire Emblem Fates: How can I convince Erin to play the other one? Fire Emblem Red and Blue! (Neat idea with companion release. I am always nervous about these kinds of games.)

Mega Man Legacy Collection: Buy all these games all over again! Mega Man wearing a gold diaper Amiibo! (I would like a Mega Man as my next door neighbor)

Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow Versions: Surprised it took them this long. Time to buy games I already own. ( I kick so much Red ass! Exclamation point Mother-f***ker!)

Hyrule Warriors Legends: Linkle! Dumb name, cool lady. I wish she was coming to the Wii U version. (Lady-Link is a badass b*tch.)

Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII: More RPGs! Now I just need more time in the day.

Mighty No. 9: Kickstarter people rejoice, this game might finally make it to the public.

Cloud in Super Smash: Odd choice since he has no Nintendo affiliation. Pretty cool looking though. Another sword character, we didn’t have enough of those already.(Kicked my ass in Kingdom Hearts, sure he’ll beat me in Smash.)

Let us know what you think.

-Erin & Peter


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