Game and Read Problogue: Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Rooms by Lauren Oliver

Hello, and welcome to Game & Read!

On this blog and channel we strive to pair games and books together to enhance each experience. We are a team of two, a book lover who wants to play more games – Erin – and a game lover who wants to read more books – Peter. Twice a month we will suggest a book/game for one another centered around a theme. Since we are in the delightfully spooky month of October, we chose Ghosts. Erin was assigned the 2013 Game Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the Nintendo 3DS, and Peter was assigned the 2014 novel Rooms by Lauren Oliver.

81bX5RtQwSL._SL1500_ bookcover_home_rooms

In the video we’ll be reviewing each piece, determining whether or not they are a good pairing, and talking some about our journey through each item. We are working on finishing up the video and will have it up soon. Enjoy the video and stay with us as journey into unknown realm of Game & Read.

-Erin and Peter

P.S. Problogue, noun. A prologue in the form of a blog.


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